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The Nuclear Information Technology Strategic Leadership (NITSL) group is a nuclear industry group of all nuclear generation utilities that exchange information related to information technology management and quality issues. NITSL is an organization that brings together the leaders in the nuclear utility industry and regulatory agencies to address the issues involved with information technology used in nuclear-powered utilities. NITSL maintains an awareness of industry information technology-related initiatives and events, and communicates those events to the membership.

NITSL Vision:

The Nuclear Information Technology Strategic Leadership organization, as an INPO Topical Area, provides a forum for leadership and strategic guidance for the consistent and efficient application and support of information technologies, including business and plant systems that enable the Nuclear Power Industry.​

NITSL Mission:​​

​​NITSL establishes a forum to provide leadership and strategic guidance for information technology in the nuclear industry.

NITSL Charter: NITSL Charter.pdf

Link to additional information: NITSL Overview

Chairman's Corner: 

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